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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Wynonna Earp SDCC 2017

I already mentioned I got in line at the IDW booth for a wristband for Wynonna Earp Saturday morning. That was when I serendipitously got a Kevin Eastman wristband too.

The 20 or so people in front of me all paused at the cash register and purchased an item for the signing. The line waited for the sale to end and then those people got their wristbands. No one skipped the people making a purchase. The line paused. It made for a very slow process but that what was happening.

So I did the same, I picked up the ‘yearbook’ and I paid for the item. I then got a wristband.

The last wristband.

The girl behind said I cut into front of her. Hmmm, I did not like hearing that.  I turned and explained I never left the line; I only purchased my officially licensed IDW Wynonna Earp Season One Yearbook, which I pulled out of the bag to show that I was really a fan.

Ignoring my freshly bought copy of the ’yearbook’, she continued that she was counting the wristbands and counting the people in line and she should have gotten the last wristband.

You know me. I’m fairly comme ci comme ça. It is only an autograph. I normally would have been chivalrous. I would have had the band taken off me and given to her.

Yes, time slowed down. Lots of thoughts flashed through my brain. It was Saturday. This was day 4 of SDCC and day 3 of sleeping on the sidewalk for a few hours. My back was hurting and I had followed the ‘wristband’ process. I was feeling bummed about missing out on Justice League. I was not happy I missed on Marvel. The ‘joy’ of Kevin Eastman was quickly fading as I saw her face turn red.

I knew tears were coming.

I said: Sorry. Then I turned and causally walked away.  I heard the start of a rebuttal but I did not pause. My only regret was leaving the heavily padded carpet of the IDW booth that felt so good to my aching feet to step out in the hard as concrete carpet that covers the Expo floor.

Was I heartless?  Maybe.

Since the line moved extremely slow last year, I got to the 4PM signing very early. I didn’t want to be too deep in the line and have it cut off because they want out of time or need to leave because I had something else at 5:45 PM.

Because I was so early, I was the 10th person in line. I had a family of 4 in front of me: Mom, her sister, and each of their pre-teen daughters. The mom and her sister were uber fans. Like the stereo-typical Star Trek fan from the 70’s.

This was a large signing. IDW was able to squeeze in 9 people for the signing. Uber mom and her sister had to spend 3 or 4 minutes with each actor. They explained how they thought they were best friends with the actor because the show’s official Facebook page had a photo of both of them with one or more of the actors. Yes, the actually asked if the actors remembered them from last year. Then they detailed their stalker like activities from last year.

So okay, I have also geeked out with celebs. While I wasn’t happy that I was standing in line so long, I didn’t mind too much. I agree that security should keep an eye on these two but they were mostly harmless.

What had me concerned was I lost sight of my officially licensed IDW Wynonna Earp Season One Yearbook. Beau Smith started signing on a page that looked really made the signature pop. The cast followed suit. Well, most of the cast.  As the line bogged down because uber mom and sister, the handlers started moving items forward in the line. The handlers didn’t care where or what was signed. They needed the line to move forward. My officially licensed IDW Wynonna Earp Season One Yearbook left my sight. As the yearbook closed, the handlers opened any page and got the actor to sign.

At the end of the counter was a stack of items that were signed and waiting to be picked up. Uber mom and sister started looking through the pile. Their stuff never left their hands. They thought this was freebies. I had to tell them that ’that’ book was mine. They moved a few steps aside to take photos but not enough steps to allow people to move past them .Even while out of line, they were still causing delays.

While I wouldn’t have stressed over this so much if it was promo poster, however, this was something I bought to get signed. This is what made the girl cry in the morning. This was karma saying, oh you know what…you were heartless.

IDW and a few other booths will allow you to bring a personal item to get signed. You can’t bring a stack of items, but you can bring a photo. I did that last year and this year I had 2 more photos.  I got Katherine Barrell and Tim Rozon to sign. Both were very nice and friendly. Tim leaned over and said if I liked his character, this season will be great. So maybe Karma was right, I was slightly heartless but not ruthless as the signing was great.

Barrell, Katherine (front page top left), Provost-Chalkley,Dominique (front page top right), Duarte, Tamara (front page middle left), Anderson, Shamier (front page middle right), Smith, Beau (front page lower left), Scrofano, Melanie (bottom center), Andras, Emily (back page top left), Saranga, Varun (back page top right), Rozon, Tim (Back page center)



Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Wow, that title has a lot of acronyms…that is Mystery Science Theater 3000 San Diego ComicCon.

The Shout! Booth had a signing for MST3K. All you needed to do was buy some MST3K merchandise. I bought a bottle opener.

And that opened my opportunity to get the mini poster signed. ‘Opened’ get it?  See what I did there…I used the bottle opener to open an opportunity… Hey folks, the jokes are just as bad on MST3K. You should be rolling on the floor with that…

I digress.  I got to the Shout! Booth early. They told me to come back about 15 minutes before the signing. Oh how naïve they are.  The will be drowning I nerds. They have been at SDCC a very long time. they should know better.

One we got past the line management issues and setting up the booth for the signing after the start time and then doing a press interview to delay the start time more, things went swimmingly. (See, I did it again: drowning/swimmingly… phooey on all of you…)

They rushed us through. That was okay; I had other places to be.

It was a good signing, and considering the cramped location, it’s amazing I have 8 signatures on the poster.  I think I correctly identified the named and locations. And NO, Patton Oswalt NOT there. I guess the next time he comes to town I can try to get his ‘graph.

Felicia Day (middle left), Rebecca Hanson (middle right), Joel Hodgson (center), Jonah Ray (bottom middle center), Baron Vaughn (bottom left middle), Hampton Yount (lower center), Tim Ryder (lower right), puppeteer Grant Baciocco (Bottom right)


Monday, August 21, 2017


Saturday morning, as I entered the Expo floor, my friends and I headed to the Marvel Booth. I’m slower than they are. I could see they had already joined the fray that was around the Marvel booth. The chaos was much worse than Friday. I could already hear the shouting from the booth workers that the lines were capped. You can choose to believe that (and about 1/3 of the time it’s not true) or you can change plans.  I changed plans.

I switched course and went to the IDW booth. I wanted to get a wrist band for Wynonna Earp. As I was in line, another booth worker that had a fistful of wristbands walked out from behind the counter. He looked over the crowd of young women and meekly asked if anyone was here for Kevin Eastman. No one responded.

I never watched the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cartoons or read the comics. I have seen the movies and I enjoyed them.  I do know that Kevin Eastman is a big name. While he does lots of signings at SDCC and is available if you work on it, I never got a chance. He was not even on my radar.

There I was, the lone male at the Wynonna wristband line, seeing an opportunity. I meekly asked if could get a wristband for Eastman. He looked at me.  I could tell he was about to ask me to leave the line to get it. But he took pity on me. He walked over and put the wristband on me.


After I was done with these lines, I needed to find something to get signed. Huh, I wonder where I could go to find some Turtle stuff? The only problem is there is SDCC had SOOOOO much to look at. I found a reprint the IDW booth and bought that.

At the signing they had: Kevin Eastman, Tom Waltz, Freddie E. Williams, and Bobby Curnow. The item I bought (and the free comic book) did not have Freddie Williams work on it, so he didn’t sign.

As Eastman signed, he did ask which was my favorite. I said Raph (like I’m too cool to saw Raphael).  He nodded and said, I thought so. I wondered what kind of personality test I just took and left with my very cool signatures.


Friday, August 18, 2017

Midnight, Texas cast/book signing SDCC 2017

Since the convention center is already packed with booths and displays, there are many large interactive displays in the Gaslamp district. This is very convenient for the attendees as it’s across the street and next to a lot of restaurants that my fellow nerds eat at every day.

Between the convention center and the Hard Rock Hotel, is an island of concrete for the trolley stop.  The area is large enough to contain some of the convention overflow displays.  At the Midnight Texas display, there was a cast signing for the new TV series. I must admit this was a surprise and as far as I know really under-publicized.  This makes me wonder how many more events outside the convention center occur that I never hear about and miss each year.

A buddy of my SDCC friend clued us into this. I got in line about 90 minutes early. The signing for Midnight, Texas overlapped the time for The Originals signing. Thankfully The Wife was flexible and attended that signing for me. The sun was brutal but I had my foldup stool and a neckerchief soaked in water that I wore on my head.  The people around me were nice and friendly. A rarity. I even let the mom use my stool for a while.

The studio didn’t provide posters. They handed out copies of Charlaine Harris’s book which inspired this TV series.  Getting a book is different and I kind of like the idea. Having the cast sign the book is slightly unstable.  With 9 people signing, the title page can get crowded. I did see that other people used the promotional bags to have the cast sign. That was a good idea as it had the 8 actors displayed on the bag.

While I know some of the actors from other roles, I didn’t recognize most. However, I did recognize Peter Mensah from Spartacus.  As I told him I really enjoyed Spartacus, he bowed his head in acknowledgement and said this show was very different. Yeah, I would imagine. Not too many vampires in Rome.

As I stood in front of Charlaine Harris, I mentioned I got her signature at a book store in Plano, TX. She smiled and told me that was a while ago. Then I followed up that it was before True Blood. I got a bigger smile, and ‘oh, that was ages ago’.

Arielle Kebbel (top left), Dylan Bruce (top center), PeterMensah (top center 2nd row), Jason Lewis (middle right), Parisa Fitz-Henley (middle left), Charlaine Harris (middle center), Yul Vazquez (beneath Harris), Francois Arnaud (lower left), Sarah Ramos (lower right)


Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Originals cast signing SDCC 2017

For years, I have seen the commercials for The Originals. For years I have resisted watching The Originals. However, that does not mean I would turn down a chance for some autographs from the cast.

If you remember, in the morning I pulled and won The 100 raffle. Since I had The Wife as backup, now an unneeded backup, I had her pull for The Originals. We were going to have her slip off her wristband and I would stand in line. Well, it’s San Diego; I could not make the signing. The Wife needed to attend this signing for me in my absence.

This is not the normal process and autographs are not The Wife's ‘thing’.  As a sign of her undying love and generosity, she allowed me to skip this signing and brave the WB booth to get the mini poster signed. As you ohhh and ahhh over how romantic that last sentence was, realize she is an enabler.

Some shows bring the goods. They’ll have the main characters show for the panel and the signings. The Originals is one of those shows. And kudos to the actors for signing close to their image on the poster. It’s makes it SOOOO much easier to identify the signatures.

Daniel Gillies (top left), Joseph Morgan (Top center), Charles Michael Davis (center left),  PhoebeTonkin (right center), Yusuf Gatewood (bottom right), Riley Voelkel (bottom center), Julie Plec (bottom center)