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Friday, July 7, 2017

Mark Pellegrino Alamo City ComicCon 2017

Mark Pellegrino had a constant line. It wasn’t long but it was steady.
Ever since The Wife and I saw him on Lost, we have been fans. His roles tend to be small supporting types but interesting. I’m big Supernatural fan and I like what he has brought to the Lucifer character.

The guy in front of me gave Mark a bottle of 12 year old Scotch.  The guy said he was a 'man of his word' and promised to bring the bottle because of a Twitter conversation. Mark is a big ‘Twitterer’ and interacts with fans a lot through that medium.
I choose a photo from Lost to get signed. Somehow it just felt wrong to want Satan’s autograph.  
I mentioned The Wife and I always liked the episodes of Lost that he was in. We hoped to get some insight to the mystery when he was on the screen. He asked if we did.  I said not as much as we hoped. He sadly smiled and said no one did.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Dolph Lungrend Alamo City ComicCon 2017

I’ve actually been lucky enough to get Dolph Lundgrend’s auto a couple of times in San Diego. It was a promotional signing for Expendables and Expendable 2, if I remember correctly. Both times it was a mad crash to the booth. Even though I had a coveted wristband granting me ‘access’ to the signing, security was not allowing people to line up. Too many non-wristband people were crushing the booth and causing chaos.  As always, there is some shoving.  Not a mush pit shoving but it’s not Sunday school either. Luckily, I’m big and I’m usually not shoved much. Security will talk at me but I smile and nod agreement and keep my voice calm and they move along.

At Alamo City, I wanted a solo photo from Dolph.  I stood in line waiting for him to come back from a photo op with fans. He was nice and signed lots of memorabilia.  After a wait, we finally shook hands. He signed and I mentioned seeing him in San Diego. He nodded and tried to recall who was there with him.  I said Terry Crews and then I said I was having a hard time remembering the MMA fighter’s name.

 He said, “Yeah, the MMA guy. But it wasn’t Terry Crews.”

Huh? I was pretty sure it was Terry Crews. But that’s what I get for name dropping. I wasn’t going to argue.  Then he blurted out Randy Couture. I nodded and said thanks.  As I was picking up my photo to leave, he said the other guy was Terry Crews.

Yah, that’s right, Terry Crews! Thanks for remembering.  I would have bene wondering about that all day. Then I left.


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Lou Diamond Phillips Alamo City ComicCon 2017

First, I did not know what a sex symbol Lou Diamond Phillips was. There a lot of women in line drooling over him.  They excitedly followed him to the end of the table for a selfie.  There were plenty of hugs to go around. Some of the hugs from the women lingered longer than they should but Lou Diamond Phillips took it in stride.

Second, he looked good and was very friendly.  He would chat and pose for photos (after he took off his glasses) and signed photos (after he put the glasses back on). Age catches up with all of us.  
Third, I never how popular the movie, La Bamba was. Most people in line had something from that movie. There was a sprinkling of items from Young Guns. From a comicon like this, I would have expected more Young Guns than La Bamba.
When it was my turn, I picked a generic photo. I think it’s from Longmire. He did the normal blah blah and signed. Then I mentioned how much I enjoyed Wolf Lake. The glasses were ripped off with a big smile.  He said it had a great cast. I threw out a few names to prove I had some cred and not just throwing out an obscure show to impress him. We both lamented the early dismissal. Then we said it also had a young Mary Elizabeth Winstead.  I cocked my head in doubt.  He said she was a teenager. And we both mentioned how quickly time flies. 
We shook and I left. The glasses popped back on as he signed for the next fan.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Kirstie Alley Alamo City ComicCon 2017

Being a Star Trek geek, I wanted a Saavik signed photo from Kirstie Alley instead of a Cheers photo.

She was warm and engaging. The mom in front of me had a couple of young ones with her. Kirstie made an effort to chat with the kids. The kids, after talking nonstop for 5 minutes while in line, clammed up and were mute. Kirstie took that in stride and laughed.

When I asked if she would add the character name, I admitted I didn’t remember how it was spelled. She told me she had that ‘under control’ and quickly added the name. I think we both laughed.


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Dave Bautista Alamo City ComicCon 2017

Dave Bautista had the longest line at Alamo City Comic Con.  

He spent time with each fan and took photos and graciously accepted gifts. He laughed at some of the photos (when he had hair or when he was ‘still in shape’) and he constantly chatted with the people. He was very fan friendly.

Most people were getting Guardians of the Galaxy paraphernalia signed but maybe a fourth of the crowd was getting wrestling items signed. I saw a lot of wrestling championship belts being handed over for a signature.