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Friday, July 7, 2017

Mark Pellegrino Alamo City ComicCon 2017

Mark Pellegrino had a constant line. It wasn’t long but it was steady.
Ever since The Wife and I saw him on Lost, we have been fans. His roles tend to be small supporting types but interesting. I’m big Supernatural fan and I like what he has brought to the Lucifer character.

The guy in front of me gave Mark a bottle of 12 year old Scotch.  The guy said he was a 'man of his word' and promised to bring the bottle because of a Twitter conversation. Mark is a big ‘Twitterer’ and interacts with fans a lot through that medium.
I choose a photo from Lost to get signed. Somehow it just felt wrong to want Satan’s autograph.  
I mentioned The Wife and I always liked the episodes of Lost that he was in. We hoped to get some insight to the mystery when he was on the screen. He asked if we did.  I said not as much as we hoped. He sadly smiled and said no one did.

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